Runtimeraces – why you should mention running or betting on it

Running is basically considered one of the oldest sports. You must have heard that the foot race was the first Olympic event in the ancient world. Thus there is no wonder it’s a sport that increasingly captivates millions of people around the globe and it’s not causelessly. Let’s puzzle out why running and betting on it are so attractive to try and how runtimeraces can help in it.

What are the reasons for running’s popularity?

Evidently, it is a very popular sport among both professional and amateur athletes all over the world. There are a heap of reasons for this phenomenon, like mentioned health profit, but moreover running is widespread because of its simplicity and variety of kinds.
Discipline is multifaceted and offers different sub disciplines, which fit every taste, for instance:

  • short distances, the so-called sprint; Short distances are 30m, 50m, 60m, 100m, 200m, 300m and 400m.
  • average distances;
    It’s something between a sprint and long distances. Intermediate distances include 800 m, 1 km, 1.5 km, 2 km, 3 km, 1 mile and 2 miles.
  • long distances;
    Long distance races are, of course, aimed at the toughest competitors. A long distance is any that exceeds 3,000 meters.
  • races with obstacles;
    The main feature of this type of race is the overcoming of obstacles located around the stadium. One of the barriers in the competitor’s path is definitely a well full of water.
  • races with hurdles.
    It’s kind of a sprint. On short distances barriers are put up, but it is not difficult to overcome them.

What are the benefits of running?

As a rule while talking about discipline we talk about jogging for a certain distance and a certain time. Therefore it’s clear that running seems to be one of the most effective forms of cardiovascular exercising, as it strengthens muscles and joints, increases the body’s metabolism and improves the immune system. Long-term training can even significantly improve the nervous and endocrine systems of the body.

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As you can see, the basic pros are placed on the health profit. Among them may be also found:

  • running strengthens your cardiovascular system, improves heart function and muscle tone and strengthens blood vessels;
  • it also improves the musculoskeletal system and strengthens the muscles of the legs and the whole body;
  • the sport has a beneficial effect on pelvic organs and sexual function by improving blood circulation;
  • due to running, cellular oxygenation is enhanced, mood is improved and resistance to stress is highly increased.
  • the discipline has a positive effect on all processes and systems of the body, both physiological and psychological.

as it is a sport accessible to everyone, you do not need a special place to train, you can run in the city or on the forest trails. The equipment is minimal, just comfortable shoes and a tracksuit, thus training is affordable too.

What kind of running events are there?

Being one of the most well-known sports in the world and a fundamental one in general, there are many various tournaments and competitions within the discipline.
While talking about professional sport, the most popular events take place at the Olympic Games and in numerous international competitions. The classification depends directly on the subspecies of the sport, as well as its common offspring.
Focusing on amateur racing, there is no better alternative than the different series, which cover various distances, but, to be honest, they are mainly designed for medium distance races (actually, the best for betting).
As a rule, the event in which the participants are ordinary people, not professionals, inspires immense enthusiasm and respect. The thing is that such arrangements prove that it’s never too late to change life and start over. You may find the occupation also especially intriguing and full of emotions.

What is runtimeraces? Is it worth paying attention to?

If you think you are ready for starting jogging, don’t be afraid of doing this with other amateurs. Today there are many different amateur races, but runtimeraces offers by far the best selection and variety. The organization is aimed to create and set not only well-prepared multi distance races, but gather different altogether in a warm friendly atmosphere. No-one will object to getting not only pretty fine racing experience, but new encouraging acquaintances and positive emotions.
Not to say about nothing, you can look through the events, which have been already arranged by runtimeraces. Mind that all of them are themed, thus the process will never be boring and stuffy.
Among the prominent ones are Lee Loves Local 5K Love Run, Southern Biscuit 5K & Fun Run, Color me Sally run, Footchase 5K, Charity Chase.

Half Marathon, New Charity

Chase Lite, Gift of Giving 5K Benefiting Veterans, Bradley Long, etc.
So it’s obvious that there are only pros in participating there. That may be even difficult to find the reason not to catch that racing vibe, which runtimeraces offers. However, if you can’t take part because of some circumstances, don’t miss the chance to watch the events at least.

Betting on running as an opportunity to earn extra money

In addition to improving your health and emotional well-being, races allows you to earn extra money. Many people mistakenly think that only professional arrangements can lead to making cash on betting, but it is not the truth.
The running events set by runtimeraces allow you to try your luck betting on one or more participants according to different criteria. For example, usually the bets are placed on:

  1. the winner of the race;
    Up to a hundred participants take the start in each arrangement, but normally only about 5 runners have a real chance to win. It’s good start betting on them.
  2. the duel;
    Just bet on one of the two athletes taking the top spot in the end.
  3. the TOP 3, TOP 4 or TOP 6 participants.
    Here the task is to choose the ones who will finish in the top places.

So is running a good option to try? Is runtimeraces events good to visit? To bet or not to bet?

For sure, you have to try own luck in this sport, as it’s so easy and beneficial to do. At the same time runtimeraces seem to be a perfect place where to improve your skills and develop your personality. Betting is pretty profitable, so bet on the favorite and gain.